Zedda Piras Mirto Rosso di Sardegna Liqueurs 70 cl


  • Mirto di Sardegna Zedda Piras originates from the small red berries (Mirto Rosso) and the leaves (Mirto Bianco) of the myrtle plant.
  • It is the perfect digestive, both enjoyable and refreshing after every meal and is best served ice cold.
  • Extremely popular in Sardinia, it is served as an after-dinner drink.
  • Alcohol content: 32%


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Mirto Zedda Piras

The history of Zedda Piras is tightly bound to its land of origin, Sardinia. It all began in 1854 in Cagliary due to the initiative of Franceso Zedda, the company remained in the hands of the family until the ‘90s. Initially focused on wines, the company soon enlarged its offering of distillates, alcohol and liquors, which quickly became the heart of the business. In 1994 Zedda Piras entered to become part of Sella&Mosca which was later acquired by the Campari Group. At the end of the ‘90s, the company had adopted innovative working technologies, without, however, modifying the traditional production process.


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