Nepente di Oliena DOC – 75cl X 6 Bottles Pack


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  • Cannonau di Oliena DOC
  • Kellerei Oliena
  • Sardinian Grenache
  • 75cl X 6 Bottles Pack
  • Alcohol content: 14,5%
  • Serve at 18° C


Cannonau di Sardegna DOC Nepente di Oliena

The vineyards of the Nepente

The Nepente di Oliena vineyards are located in the municipality of Oliena. The most common form of breeding is the traditional form of the sapling. Unirrigated vineyards are cultivated on medium-textured and strongly sunny soils.

The particular pedoclimatic conditions and the careful management of the vineyards aimed at limiting the vigor of the strains allow to have low yields per stock and per hectare that rarely exceed 60 q / ha.

Vinification and aging

The grapes, harvested strictly in the box, at the time of conferment in the cellar undergo an accurate and rigid selection. The fermentation maceration lasts for 10-12 days and is carried out at a temperature of 24-26 ° C.

Frequent pumping over and delestagè assure the extraction of the color and noble compounds contained in the grapes. The wine ages in cement or steel tanks at a controlled temperature

Bottling and Storage

The NEPENTE is bottled sterile and under pressure of nitrogen. The aging in a bottle favors the maturation of the wine which is enriched with fruity and spicy nuances.

Store the bottles in ideal conditions of temperature and humidity, in a horizontal position and in the dark.


The color is bright red with violet reflections that become garnet when ripe. On the nose, it is intense and captivating. Fruity notes of small red fruits and cherry intertwine with the floral tones of rose and violet.

Spicy and vanilla nuances stand out on the finish. In the mouth, it is full and structured. The alcohol content is well supported by the pleasant acid vein and the soft tannin.

Alcohol content 14.5% vol
Serving temperature 18 ° C.

Serving Suggestions

A Cannonau with a young and overbearing soul. You drink well in different combinations, from pizza to roasts, from game-based sauces to sheep cheeses and fresh or semi-mature vaccines.


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