Filu ‘e Ferru – Acquavite di Vernaccia San Martino


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  • Alcohol content: 43%
  • Typical Sardinian Grappa
  • 50cl Bottle
  • Allergens: absent
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Filu ‘e Ferru di Vernaccia San Martino.

Alcohol content: 43%

Classification: Single-varietal Vernaccia Grappa.

Raw Material: Pomace from Vernaccia.

Ingredients: marc distillate.

Production process: The grappa is obtained from the distillation of the pomace of grapes ripened in the sunny hills, harvested in the period of their maximum maturation.

A transparent color, strong and aromatic scent, with a warm and velvety aftertaste that enhances quality and authenticity.

Allergens (R. CE 1169/2011 Art. II): Absent.


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