Laconi, Sardinia

Laconi is a small village of two thousand inhabitants, a small jewel set in a lush forest, close to the reliefs of the Sarcidano, which boasts the Orange Flag of the Touring Club.

The original fame is linked to the most beloved Sardinian saint, St. Ignatius: his veneration attracts tens of thousands of pilgrims, especially during the celebrations at the end of August.

The visit starts from his birth house which, with the museum of sacred and parish art, are stages of a devotional path in the historical center.

In the village you can also admire the churches of San Giovanni Battista, with wooden sculptures to support the roof, and of Saint Anthony the Abbot, in whose honor they light the fires in January, accompanied by the local sweets festival.

At the end of the year, ancient houses and noble villas are opened to visitors during Ocraxus.

The territory is an open-air museum: the first human traces date back to 6000 BC.

Menhir archaeological museum in Laconi

Between the late Neolithic and the beginning of the metal age (3700-2400 BC) a unique sculptural phenomenon developed: the Menhirs. You can find them in the civic archaeological museum of prehistoric statuary, set up in the ancient Aymerich palace.

The museum itinerary is completed by ceramics, obsidian objects and metal, found at other sites of Sarcidano, including the megalithic tomb of Masone Perdu and the dolmen of Corte Noa.

The nuragic civilization is represented by the nuraghe Genna ‘e Corte; it consists of a central tower, a courtyard, and a bastion with five towers, of which two remain.

Laconi is a botanical paradise, with woods, habitats of mammals and rare birds.

It is an area rich in truffles and includes the highest number of orchids on the island.

Aymerich Park in Laconi
Aymerich Park

Do not miss a visit to the Aymerich park, a short walk from the city center; it is built around the remains of the Aymerich Castle, whose name derives from the last nobles of Laconi, but was built before.

Also worth seeing is the village of Santa Sofia, where there are the ruins of a Byzantine church.

In the oasis, at the end of June, there is the exhibition of the horse Sarcidano, an ancient native breed, present in about one hundred specimens. Click to visit Laconi.