Kellerei Dolianova
The name of Dolianova, in Sardinia, has always been linked to the production of quality wines. In this area, the first testimonies of the wine culture are millennial, as the nuragic finds (jugs, presses), found in the area, tell.

The Cantine di Dolianova were born in 1949 to continue and enhance that tradition.

In those years, in a still very backward Sardinia, profoundly different from the current one, a group of winegrowers gathered in a cooperative to try to better exploit the fruit of their own efforts, giving a common strength to the commitment of individuals.

Today, as then, we work to give those who love our labels all the quality of the best Sardinian grapes.

Many years of history have taught us that quality cannot be improvised.

The Cantine di Dolianova are ready to look to the future, with the strength and awareness of those who can boast 70 years of history; and with the wisdom of a territory that has 3,000 years of winemaking tradition behind it.

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