Contini Weingut
First Salvatore, then Attilio, today Paolo and the nephews Alessandro and Mauro: the Contini winery has grown and matured like the wines and successes that made it great, through the passion and commitment of four generations.

For almost 120 years a single common thread, represented by the Vernaccia di Oristano, has characterized the work of the Contini company.

Then, over the years, Vernaccia has been joined by other important productions: the historic Nieddera grape, the traditional Vermentino and Cannonau, the successful experiments such as the Karmis, the Attilio and the organic Mamaioa.

Today the company produces a complete range of wines with which it is present in the Italian market and in the foreign market.

The company continues to evolve, both in winemaking techniques and in ideas.

And this is why Contini wines resist time because they are wines that are loved and remembered forever.

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