Cantina del Vermentino di Monti

Cantina del Vermentino - Vermentino Weingut Monti

Cantina del Vermentino di Monti.

Thanks to the viticultural culture and the will of Montini farmers, in the territory of Monti, were born many small vineyards over the years.

And, in July 1956, to ensure adequate processing of the grape’s harvests, twenty-two far-sighted winemakers give life to the Cantina Sociale del Vermentino whose name pays homage to the noblest of  Gallura’s vines.

Today the winery is made up of 350 members who cultivate, in the territories of Monti, Telti, Olbia, Loiri Porto San Paolo, the 500 hectares, to give selected grapes, the basis of refined, elegant and original wines.

The winery, immersed in an oak grove of three-hectare, welcomes the production process, from gentle destemming to storage in temperature-controlled premises.

The barrel room characterized by the portal of Aragonese origin, the trademark of the logo of the Cellar, made of granite, welcomes visitors who want to know the evolution in barrels or tonneaux, 2500-500 liters, and the process of refinement in the bottle of excellent wines.

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