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Aubergines dead in oil

It is a sad story that of the aubergines died in oil (in Sardinian: Perdingianu mortu in s’ollu).


The story tells of the death of two aubergines smothered with extra virgin olive oil.

Legend has it that, being very tasty, the two poor aubergines were washed, dried, deprived of their head and cut in half lengthwise by a cruel aubergine eater.

Then their pulp was cut into squares and garlic and parsley were placed between them.

But, not yet satisfied with the crime, the aubergine eater completed the work by placing a large pan on the stove, adding plenty of extra virgin olive oil, placing the eggplant pieces on it and pouring extra virgin olive oil on them.

After this, she lit the stove on a moderate flame and covered the aubergines with the lid.

The cooking lasted for about 40 minutes. After cooking, the two aubergines were placed on a colander, ten minutes per side, to remove excess oil.

At this point they were eaten. Notice the cruelty of the aubergine eater, towards the end of the video, while sinking the cold steel of the fork into the meat of the aubergines. No Country for Aubergines.

video courtesy of Le Ricette Di Mami camartamc

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